Best baking stone for baking bread - Secret to the perfect loaf

Our beautiful solid granite baking stone will help you master baking at home.

A wide range of breads, pastries, pizzas, cakes can be baked on the granite baking stone. Its also an ideal pastry stone as the granite is naturally cold. Very multi purpose!

Benefits of using a granite baking stone:

- even heat distribution

- absorbs moisture

- helps the bread to rise (oven spring)

-crispy bottoms all round

The baking stone is solid granite and will give you years and years of enjoyment. We have thousands of professionals and home users around the world using the baking stone. The baking stone comes with full instructions on how to season the stone before use and then how to preheat and clean.

We provide a metal resting rack so once the baking stone is out the oven it can be safely placed on the table. The baking stone will keep the bake lovely and warm at the table.

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