Roxy 24 Oven ONLY
Roxy 24 Oven ONLY
Roxy 24 Oven ONLY

Roxy 24 Oven ONLY

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Roxy 24 Oven ONLY

A great introductory oven for medium size bistro's, bars and pop up restaurants. Roxy 24 holds & heats 24 rocks to 824F /440C. Simple to operate with manual controls means you can load your rocks into this counter top oven, plug into a 13amp supply and turn up the thermostats to 824F / 440C. With twin thermostats the 3.0kw oven will have those rocks hot and sizzling in 90 minutes. This air cooled oven does not need to be placed in the cook line or under exhaust. It can be placed on a counter or back bar. So if your looking for a great way to WOW your dinner guests with less hassle the Black Rock grill Roxy24 rock oven is the kit you need.

Where should the oven be kept?

Oven is counter top and doesn't need to be placed under the cook line. It runs off a 13amp supply. 

Technical Specifications:

Height 27 cm / 11”
Width 69 cm / 27”
Depth 69 cm / 27”
Power 3.0 kW
Amps at 240V 13 amp
Oven Weight 30 kg / 66 lbs
Operating Temperature 185 ̊F - 824 ̊F (85 ̊C - 440 ̊C)
Gross weight capability 60 kg / 132 lbs
Rock Capacity 24 (16 x 16 x 3cm / 61⁄4” x 61⁄4” x 11⁄4”)

12 month warranty

Looking for the complete Roxy-24 set up?

Need some advice? Enquire now to speak with one of our helpful and friendly Black Rock Grill team members. We can make sure the correct set-up is suited for you and your business.  


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