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  • How will Black Rock Grill improve my food offering?

    Our customers have seen many benefits to having Black Rock Grill on their menu. Including:
    ● Drives more customers to your restaurant
    ● Increase in the average spend
    ● Can work well on its own or with your current menu
    ● Generates more profit
    ● Reduced kitchen costs

  • What are the benefits of introducing Black Rock Grill

    ● Gives you an edge over your competitor
    ● Your restaurant will have a USP like no other
    ● Helps you promote healthy dining as no fat or oil is used
    ● Allows you to serve meals in 6-8 minutes from order
    ● Lets customers cook their meal just the way they want it (no more returned meals)
    ● Adds value to an existing menu or operates as a stand-alone dining experience
    ● Relieves the pressure during busy shifts in the kitchen as most grilled items can be cooked on the rock
    ● Offers your customers an experience they will not forget
    ● Brings theatre and live cooking directly to the table
    ● Improves your gross profit as all meals are made to order
    ● Allows you to add a premium price to dishes on the rock

  • What is the Black Rock Grill experience?

    Black Rock Grill is a concept that allows customers to take control of their own meal by cooking it themselves at the table. The food is cooked at high temperature on a volcanic rock, which itself has been heated to over 440 degrees Celsius /824 Fahrenheit in a specially designed and purpose-built oven.

  • Who are Black Rock Grill’s customers?

    Since its launch in 2005, over 30,000 Black Rock Grill systems have been installed worldwide.
    Around 8000 are in the UK with the rest in USA, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Nigeria, India, Costa Rica, Australia, Singapore, Canada, France, Greece, Malta and 38 other countries.

    Many Black Rock Grills are in stand-alone restaurants (including Japanese, Korean and Indian) but they are also in hotels, pubs, golf clubs, nightclubs, bowling alleys, food courts and on cruise ships and passenger ferries.

    Cruise Lines, Silverseas and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines are giving cruise passengers a Black Rock Grill option on many of their cruise ships

  • Who is behind Black Rock Grill?

    We are a family business, Black Rock Grill was started in 2005 by Debbie & Peter Hatter. Prior to setting up Black Rock Grill, we operated hotels, restaurants and pubs in many worldwide locations where we had the opportunity to formulate their ideas into the present concept.

    We are particularly keen to ensure that operators of Black Rock Grill have equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’ and certified to be safe for employees and customers under all working conditions.

    Black Rock Grill Limited is a UK registered private company operating from purpose- built premises in Hampshire, UK.

    Black Rock Grill USA Inc was registered in Delaware USA in 2014 and is our associated company operating out of Miami, Florida to fulfil the growing demand of our great brand.

  • Can I purchase more rocks?

    Of course you can! If you are in the UK call us on 01256 359858 or If you are in the USA the number is +1 877-449-6948. Alternatively you can email us at: [email protected]

  • Do I need extra insurance for accidental injury?

    The answer to that is no, but we do recommend that you speak to your insurance broker. In our experience insurers put Black Rock Grill cooking the same category as they do a sizzling cast iron skillet which is served superheated and can also cause a burn if touched.

  • Is Black Rock Grill safe for children?

    Absolutely, the Black Rock Grill concept is very family friendly. When you buy a system we include table talkers and flags which tell the customer not to touch the hot rock to ensure everyone can enjoy hot rock dining safely.
    Kids do love the experience of cooking on our Black Rock Grill's. We recommend that you think about and introduce a child policy.
    You should certainly make sure that parents and guardians are aware that Black Rock Grill meals are served on a super hot rock and that there is the potential that if the rock is touched then they will likely get a burn.
    No two kids are the same; some do what they are told, some forget what they are told and some are totally belligerent and will not do what they are told.
    Please ensure you include your Child policy in all your staff training so your entire crew is able to advise your customers & guests.