Perfect gifts for the foodie in your life

Shop for steak lovers

If you are buying for someone that loves a good steak then we have their gift all sorted.

Steak on the stone sets

These were created with the steak lover in mind. The sets are a lot of fun and really easy to use, all you need to do is heat the rock in the oven then the food can be cooked and eaten at the table. The rock keeps the juices in the meat so the meat tastes amazing (don’t just take our word for it though, try it yourself!) We guarantee they will love the unique tabletop dining experience.

View our steak on the stone sets in our shop

A great gift for the health conscious

The rock doesn’t need oils or fats to cook so it is a healthier way of eating, therefore, it is ideal for anyone on the Paleo or Keto diets.

Want to go a step further? Then order them the complete gift set!

The gift set is perfect for anyone who takes eating steak seriously and we have a range of gift sets available for each of our steak on the stone sets. They all come with a steak on the stone, gloves and a steak knife. 

See the gift sets on our shop.

Here is one for the bakers…

The Black Rock Grill baking stone is a must-have for anyone who loves baking bread. The granite stone is hand cut and absorbs all the heat to give bread a perfect rise and crispy base. It can also be used to cook pizza, so if you know someone who loves pizza, then add this to your list!

Baking stone

See our baking stones in our shop

So now you know what to buy the steak lovers and the bakers in your life. They will love the unique gift and be thankful that you didn’t just get them socks…again.

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