Black Rock Grill and the holiday sector

Treat your guests to the Black Rock Grill experience

People love new experiences, especially when they are on holiday, so give them a reason dine in-house

How does Black Rock Grill fit in to the holiday sector?

Black Rock Grill is a very flexible system and is perfect for holiday parks, cruise liners and holiday resorts. You simply plug the oven in and that will heat the rocks, then all you need to do is put the steak on the rock and you are ready to have a steak night at your venue. Add it to your menu as another revenue centre.

An oven that is built for the industry

In order to provide the Black Rock Grill concept, you need a specialist oven to heat the rocks. We understand that cruise liners are subjected to a lot of health and safety requirements which is why we have created an oven specifically for this industry. Our Marine oven meets all the health and safety requirements. Contact us for more information. 

What cruises are using Black Rock Grill?

We are very proud to be working with cruise lines across the world including Royal Caribbean and SilverSeas. They use the Black Rock Grill concept in some of their onboard restaurants and have found that guests love the concept and look forward to trying the hot rock dining experience.

We have worked with Royal Caribbean for over ten years now. Their guests look forward to trying the interactive dining experience as it is a unique experience that they wouldn’t get at home.

The concept was a huge hit with guests traveling on the SilverSeas cruises and it has been rolled it out across the whole fleet.

How many of your guests spend their money at your competitors

Give guests a reason to stay and spend at your venue. Black Rock Grill Steak on the Stones can be offered as part of the feature section on your menu or you can make a whole new dining space with it.

Turn unused space into new revenue centre

We have customers who have created a new income centre in their hotels after investing in Black Rock Grill steak on the stones. Some have turned their car park into a tropical tabletop dining restaurant 3 days a week. All you need is a little imagination to realize your dreams and ambitions.

Fits around your ideas or theme

Black Rock Grill has been adopted by many theme parks and themed restaurants across the world including Legoland and Mad Rex's post-apocalyptic restaurant in Philadelphia, USA.

Pop up restaurant & event catering

The BRSeries rock oven is on wheels and runs on 220v 13 amp supply. This means you have a portable kitchen for events, weddings, banqueting. Explore how Black Rock Grill can get your business sizzling.

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