Hot rock instructions

Black Rock grill steak on the stone set

If you have just brought your Black Rock Grill set then please see the instructions in the box for heating for the first time. These instructions only apply to our steak on the stone set, baking stones and other items will have different instructions included in the box. If you have a question about how to use any of our products then please contact our team who will be more than happy to help.

Hot rock instructions:

  • On the gas/electric stove or hob
  • Under the grill
  • In the oven (oven must heat to minimum 280-350°C / 550-660°F)
  • On the BBQ

Prepare the platter (while the rock is heating up)

  • Put the stainless steel underplate on your wood or porcelain platter
  • Prepare your sauces, prep your fries, and salad
  • When the rock is up to the required temperature transfer to the platter using 500°C heat resistant gloves (available to buy from this store)
  • Sprinkle with a little sea salt flakes (the hot rock is ready when the salt crackles )
  • Put the steak on the black rock & sear for 30 seconds then flip the steak, garnish and serve.

To achieve the best cook, the rock should be heated to between 280-350 degrees Celsius (approx 540 -660 Fahrenheit). If your steak is not searing & sizzling the rock has not been heated correctly. Because a correctly heated rock will sizzle for 20-30 minutes, you’ll run out of meat before you run out of heat!

Commercial restaurants we strongly recommend our professional systems as these provide the simplest, most compact way of heating large numbers of black rocks at a time.

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  1. Jack Buglass says:

    Have searched for information on what fuel to use in the burners supplied with our cooking stone but nothing obvious on the website. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks

  2. Phil Pawson says:

    Help I got a hot rock earlier in the year but have lost the instructions please can you oblige.
    Many thanks

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