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Whats not to like about Black Rock Grill?

We’ve seen the closure of many independent pubs and restaurants, chains that have not changed with the times have gone bust, even celebrity chefs have had to shut down because they can’t make them profitable. With high street rent at a premium and staff costs only going one way is now the time to look at doing something differently?

Interactive dining Black Rock Grill style improves your social media & google rating

Many of our chains and restaurants large and small see a huge impact on social media when customers dine on the rock. Customers grab their smartphones check-in, photograph and hashtag #Steak & Co in London, #Madrex #Steak House Group in Saudi Arabia. Tripadvisor and other restaurant review sites see more positive reviews with Black Rock Grill, which is all good for your Google ranking. We are happy to share testimonials with you


Its not to late to get on the bandwaggon

If you are still not sure, make a small Investment in our smallest 12 rock set-up it will give you the opportunity to trial Black Rock Grill at one of your restaurants. It could just be the best investment you have made in years. Make the difference to your business, your customers and staff will all enjoy the steak on the stone experience and want more.


Do I need a buy a licence to use the Black Rock Grill logo and uniform?

No, you do not need to buy a licence fee from us when you buy from us. When you buy a set-up then you are able to use the Black Rock Grill logo as part of your marketing. Some of our customers have included it on their menus and leaflets to promote their restaurant.

Is it time to bring some sizzle to your restaurant?

Have you noticed that most chains are all offering the same menu items? With a Black Rock Grill, you will stand out from the rest. Fresh food served sizzling on the rock and cooked the way they like it.

Healthy dining, fresh food, non processed meats and seafood how healthy is Black Rock Grill?

Processed food is out of date. People that spend $$$$ on dining out are not looking for processed and microwaved meals, those days are behind us. There is nothing fresher and healthier than a fresh raw steak on the rock. Check out some of our recipes.

It touches our five senses.

Because our five senses are touched when cooking on a Black Rock Grill - Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing & Taste your guests and customers really do enjoy their meal experience. Approved by the heart foundation stonegrill dining is healthy dining

Trends come and go - 14 years & Black Rock Grill is more popular than ever

Steak stone cooking is more relevant today than it was when we started back in 2005. Our team of experts are here to help and guide you and answer any questions you may have about re-concepting or launching a new business with Black Rock Grill.

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