Black Rock Grill Maldon Sea Salt Tub of Maldon Salt Flakes

1.4kg Tub of Maldon Salt Flakes

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1.4kg tub of Maldon Salt Flakes.

Maldon have been harvesting salt since 1882. Loved by chefs and cooks worldwide. The unique pyramid flakes continue to inspire to this day. The salt can be used with thousands of dishes and desserts.

We use the sea salt flakes on our hot stones for a number of reasons:

- Testing the heat of the Black Rock Grill Steak Stone sets. Once the stone has been heated in the oven, put a few salt flakes on the stone and if it is hot enough then the flakes will start moving. 

- The salt breaks the barrier between meat and stone so no sticking

- Seasons the dish beautifully

Maldon sea salt flakes available in a small box: 250g>