Steak on the Stone style Mediterranean lamb wrap

A Mediterranean Delight

Here we have taken a lamb fillet steak and heated the rock to 380C - 400C / 720F - 800F. Next placed half the fillet directly onto the Black Rock Grill to cook.


  • Lamb fillet 1 leaf
  • Tortilla wrap 26g
  • Assorted Peppers 2 bowls
  • Tomatoes 2g
  • Lettuce 1 leaf
  • Mayo 26g
  • Optional couscous 2 bowls
  • Tzatziki sauce 2g


Lamb fillet cooked on the Steak on the Stone & Plate Set is extremely succulent and flavoursome. Follow our steps to cook this delicious meal using the hot rock.

1. Heat the rock in the oven or on the hob for 40 minutes.
2. Sprinkle a little sea salt onto the rock to break the barrier between the meat and rock and place the lamb fillet and pepper onto the rock.
3. Once cooked to liking slice into thin bite-size pieces and add to your prepped wrap. Fold and serve on the Bamboo Steak Board with a pot of Tzatziki Sauce.

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