Heat & temperature resistant gloves 500°C / 932°F

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These heat resistant gloves made from kevlar & silicone will provide protection up to 500°C / 932°F

The soft and flexible material gives you all the control and protection you need to safely handle our stones.

Our Black Rock Grill Rocks can be heated up to 450°C / 824°F standard oven gloves are typically only suitable up to 240°C / 465°F, which is why we strongly recommend our own gloves which are tested to be safe for handling items up to 500°C / 932°F dry heat.

What else can they be used for?

Wood burning ovens
Handling sharp objects
Handling metal objects and concrete
What sizes are available?
Medium & Large

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4 reviews for Heat & temperature resistant gloves 500°C / 932°F

  1. Janis S.

    Terrific. My husband said they sure worked well!

  2. jane morgan

    I needed oven gloves to remove my rock from the oven once heated.
    Both products arrived fast with UPS and are both good products and i am very happy. But i must say the quality and performance of the gloves is really really good. Our guests were taking turns to try the gloves out over the hot rock and they were a much talked about item at the dinner table . Kids think they look cool too, which is nice.

  3. J Sandra

    Perfect gloves for handling hot items! Purchased these with my Sharing Stone Grill Set to remove the hot rock from the oven but i also use them on a daily basis for my stainless steel pots! Great Quality and got them next day!

  4. BigKingTam90

    Ultimate BBQ Gloves. Great Quality and the grip is fantastic!

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