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This is the Black Rock Grill that started the crase. The large 7.9″ stone will sizzle and sear your steak just the way you like it.

This Black Rock Grill Lava Stone Steak Set is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of hot stone cooking and individual platters make a simple dinner party sizzle either indoors or out, with each guest having their own unique meal experience.

Fantastic for prime fillet steak and fries, ideal for rump, NY Strip, and rib-eye and sensational for salmon, tuna and swordfish, the dry heat of the black rock sears in the natural juices & flavors of your chosen cut.  No need for oils or fats, making it a fresh, fun and healthy way to cook.

How to use:

  • Heat the stone
    • On the gas/electric stove or hob
    • Under the broiler/grill
    • In the oven (oven must heat to minimum 550-660°F / 280-350°C)
    • On the BBQ
  • And Prep the platter (while the rock is warming)
    • Put the stainless steel underplate on your wood or porcelain platter
    • Prepare your sauces, prep your fries, and salad
    • When the rock is up to the required temperature transfer to the platter using 930°F heat resistant gloves (available to buy from this store)
    • Sprinkle with a little sea salt flakes (the hot rock is ready when the salt crackles )
    • Put the steak on the black rock & sear for 30 seconds then flip the steak, garnish and serve.


To achieve the best cook, the rock should be heated to between 540 – 660 Fahrenheit (approx 280-350 degrees Celsius). If your steak is not searing & sizzling the rock has not been heated correctly. Because a correctly heated rock will sizzle for 20-30 minutes, you’ll run out of meat before you run out of heat!

Commercial restaurants we strongly recommend our professional systems as these provide the simplest, most compact way of heating large numbers of black rocks at a time.

What is included:

  • Bamboo Board (11″ x 10″ x 1″)
  • Cooking Stone (7.9″ x 5″ x 1″)
  • Stainless Steel Under Plate
  • Rectangle Plate (7.8″ x 3.9″)

Weight 8lbs

5 reviews for Lava Steak Stone Set

  1. Kyle B.

    It was excellent, the product is excellent as is your customer service. 🙂

  2. j Fernandez

    We had a dinner at a black rock restaurant and really liked the chance to cook our own meal. After some research, we found what we think is the best in supplier and have 4 of the lava stone steak sets. When you get them hot enough they cook the very best steaks you ever tasted. Get One.

  3. J-Cole

    Product was bigger than I expected and was a great gift for a man that has everything or thought he had!!!!! will be buying more.

  4. Madelain G

    I bought two of these for my sister and her boyfriend, as moving in gifts, and they loved them! I will soon be purchasing several more for myself and friends!! Very happy customer!

  5. David Bulnut

    Arrived before the estimate. Was a present for my friend which he absolutely loved and hasn’t stopped raving about it since. I may even buy myself one soon too. Thank you Black Rock Grill!

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