Granite pizza stone 14″ – 36cm with chrome cooling rack

$65.00 (each)

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Take pizza night up a notch with the Black Rock Grill pizzastone.

If you are fanatic about pizza then our granite pizzastone is a must for your kitchen. The stone will cook your pizza to perfection and impress your family and friends. This is the best way to get a crispy base on a pizza cooked at home. The chrome cooling rest makes it easy to carry the pizzastone to the table where it can be served to guests.

Using the famous Black Rock Grill heat absorbing granite will ensure your pizza achieves the perfect rise and the crispest base. You can also cook bread on the stone, there are so many different types of bread you can try.

You can also use the stone as a centrepiece on the dining room table and use it to serve food to your guests. The stone can also be used to serve canapes and food to your guests at dinner parties.



Each pizzastone comes with:

  • 1 14in stone
  • 1 Chrome rest
  • Instructions

All components of the Pizzastone have been selected for both their ease of use and durability. The chrome cooling rest is just wiped clean and the stone can be cleaned easily by hand.

To be Used ONLY in the oven. It is NOT suitable for use on the gas or electric hob for cooking not for grilling.

4 reviews for Granite pizza stone 14″ – 36cm with chrome cooling rack

  1. C.W Mitchell

    Gets very hot and holds heat for hours. Looks like a high quality piece of granite with no visible defects. Luckily for me, the wire rack it sits on, slots perfectly into my oven (about 45cm wide). Needs proving for 30mins with vegetable oil before cooking with it, this is no problem and slightly darkens the stone and gives it a sheen which makes it look even better. Made great sourdough bread and pizza so far.

  2. tashmerch87

    Great size. works a treat. easy to prep and gives a lovely bake on my fresh pizzas. very handy having the metal rack to carry the stone and pizza to the table , family loved it

  3. Simon Box

    This stone is really well cut and thick enough that it cooks nice and crispy.The finish on the dough is exactly how stone baked pizza should be ! this stone absorbs the moisture from the dough during cooking perfectly. Really good value for money 🙂

  4. JazG

    What a great product this is. We’ve been baking our own pizza ever since it arrived. The children love making their own fresh pizza and devouring it too.
    I am happy because I know that were using fresh ingredients too.The quality is second to none. I couldn’t be happier.

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