Stone Dolsot bowl – Korean stone bowl

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The Black Rock Grill Sizzling Dolsot Bowl is perfect for cooking sizzling rice, noodles and soup dishes and of course Bibimbap.

The Dolsot Bowl is heated to a blistering temperature in the oven for 45 minutes or on the hob for 5-10 minutes.
Then add some sesame oil and coat the inside of the bowl. The oil will then start to crackle and you can then add your rice and other fresh ingredients and serve.
Once the bowl is hot, you can add the rice or noodles and the other fresh ingredients.
The bowl then cooks the food at the table, you will love the sizzling noise as the food cooks.
The dish can be tailored to your particular tastes with the addition of flavours of your choice, perhaps some curry paste, chilli sauce or sweet and sour to instantly create a meal you will enjoy slightly differently every time.

What’s included?

1 Rock Bowl
1 The bamboo board which acts as a suitable rack for the sizzling rock pot.
Diameter 18cm/7″, Height 9cm/ 3.5″
Weight 2.2kg/ 5lb

Each bowl measures 18cm across and 8cm deep. The bowl can hold up to 1 litre of liquid.

As with the entire Black Rock Grill range, all components have been selected for both their usage and durability.

2 reviews for Stone Dolsot bowl – Korean stone bowl

  1. MChin

    Perfect Bibimbap!! Purchase these bowls for my family. We love making Bibimbap. Heats fast and holds the heat for a long time, nice sizzle. Very easy to clean.

  2. Ich Yan

    My Mom had these bowls and they make the best bibimbap, this is the best stone bowl for Korean mix rice dishes…

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