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Our top-selling Hot rock dining Set.

This Black Rock Grill Steak Stone & Plate Set is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of hot rock dining. They are perfect for family dinners, steak nights or events. Your guests will love cooking their own steak at the table because they can cook it to how they like it. So you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your dinner guests. The set is really easy to use and clean. 

Click here for instructions to use the hot rock:

What’s included:

  • Porcelain Plate (26cm x 21cm x 4.5cm)
  • Cooking Stone (16cm x 16cm x 3.2cm)
  • Stainless Steel Under Plate
    Weight 4kg

Click here to see some exciting recipes that you can try out with your steak on the stone set. 

17 reviews for Steak Stone and Plate Set

  1. Alfredo

    If you eat steak then you need a steak stone cos frying steak is for losers, mine arrived very quickly but the delivery driver smashed the plate and I emailed about it Friday and they sent me a new plate Saturday first class royal mail, the customer service is exceptional!

  2. Mike N

    Purchased to complement the sharing stone.
    No need to say more. ?

  3. Loris

    the best stone you’ve ever used.

  4. Mel

    Absolutely love these stones, had 4 so bought another 2 so we could have more people round for dinner! You have never tasted fillet steak until you have cooked it yourself on these stones – would highly recommend. Excellent service from Black Rock and stones are easy to use and clean.

  5. Lesley Smith

    I bought four steak sets and invited some very fussy friends to a steak/tuna supper. What a brilliant evening, easy to use, just heat the rocks up. Sprinkle some rock salt onto the stones, individuals add their own steak, with one non-meat eater on fish. Big Mediterranean salad and home made bread with fresh fruit and cream for dessert. So easy. No mess, quick to prepare and serve. Everyone delighted with their meal. Clearing up – pottery and metal plate in the dish washer, let the stones get cold then wash under the water spray, using a metal wire cleaner. all done. I am so pleased that I have just ordered two more.
    PS. I have an Aga as well as electric oven. Just as easy to use in either.

  6. Lesley W

    Great tasting steaks. Don’t have to worry about over or under cooking on the hob. Easy to use and clean.

  7. Helen Bastian

    Delivery was first class. Excellent customer service and superb product

  8. Soniay83000

    I was unsure which hot rock to purchase but after speaking with black rock on the phone i went for the one that suited me best, porcelain as i can put the plate through the dish washer! Arrived next day, brilliant service! Easy to heat, cooks steak great.

  9. Wendy P

    Best tasting steak ever. Need tongs or specialist oven gloves as well.

  10. Seyrouche

    I enjoy cooking and I consider myself a ‘foodie’. This steak stone set not only makes a great presentation, but enhances the flavor of your steak. Your guests will be impressed and it’s simple to use.

  11. Tajinta Mo

    I was worried the cheaper set was not going to be so nice but i am really pleased with my choice.
    We have to get some more as i only got one set and it is going to be better when we all have our own black rock. Perfect as we live in a flat and not able to bbq.
    I put it on my Christmas list lol

  12. Emma & Craig

    We went to the Isle of Wight and had a fantastic black rock steak in a restaurant. I was delighted to see that black rock had supplied this restaurant. We ordered two stones and tested them this evening with a rib eye steak.. OMG how amazing delicious cooked steak to perfection. No fuss no smoke and more importantly no mess..
    I have just orders 2 more an impressive show stopper for our next dinner party..

  13. Fahad

    Thank you the parcel arrived in just 3 days. Great value and works perfectly. Fahad

  14. Mohamed Faz

    Saw black rock grill in Qatar – We buy some and family and me had a great dinner yesterday! now we are planning to buy more steak stones. Also I recommend it to all my friends.

  15. Peter.L

    Absolutely love this. Bought four and they shipped from England to Dallas TX in three days! Best steak that I have ever cooked. This is a really fun way to eat.

  16. Abujafel

    I am very happy with black rock grill we use it then often because of the good taste and healthy cook.

  17. Andy Higdon

    We had black rock grill at a restaurant in Yarmouth when sailing the Isle Of Wight. Super restaurant and always busy and struggle to get a table. We’ve had some fun dinner parties, ribeye is my speciality and just cooks and tastes sensational.

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