Lava Rocks, 3-5cm /30mm- 50mm

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Lava rocks have many uses and benefits that people are starting to see, for example, it enhances the smoky flavours.

Other uses for lava rocks

  • Chimeneas – They retain the heat once the embers of the wood have cooled
  • Fishponds, Waterfalls and Fish tanks – Great for Filtration
  • Mulch on the garden – Keep weeding to a minimum and sun off the soil helping to keep the moisture in the soil


When lava rocks are used in barbecues, they reduce fat fires whilst enhancing the smoky flavour of a delicious barbecued meal. Just make sure that you replace clogged up rocks with a fresh new layer of lava as this will

  • improve the heat distribution
  • Improve the heat of the cook
  • Use less gas
  • Get rid of any nasty smells
  • Reduce flare up


Using lava rocks in a Chiminea insulates and protects. It is simple to do, just place a layer of rock into the pot belly of the chiminea and then build your fire on top. This protects the clay from direct heat and adds another layer of insulation to generate more heat from your chiminea. The rocks can also be used in a smoker, check out The Smoker Guy’s website for more information.

Mulch on the garden

In addition, they can also be used in the garden as mulch. The lava absorbs the heat during the day and releases it at night and is excellent for weed suppression. It also slows the evaporation of moisture from your soil.

Using in ponds, aquariums and fish bowls

The rocks are also ideal for freshwater ponds, aquariums and fish bowls as it helps to remove Nitrates and improve the quality of the water. They are also very decorative.

Dimensions of the lava rocks

Each rock is between 3-6cm (may vary).

So now you know everything about lava rocks and what they can be used for, now all you need to do is try them out for yourself. Bags of lava rocks are available on our shop from £5.90.

6 reviews for Lava Rocks, 3-5cm /30mm- 50mm

  1. Paul Cunningham

    Purchased the 12 KG option and sharing it with brother in law. Really Good value for money the lava rocks are a good size… happy 🙂

  2. Vic-Drk

    Brilliant lava rocks that I use in my gas BBQ and Chimina. Rocks are bigger than my last supplier. Very satisfied and will buy again soon.

  3. Mo-Smithy

    Arrived next day and have split them between my BBQ and chiminea with a couple of bags spare for next year. Really good value for money as the rocks are large and so the fill the grate with lots to spare. They stay hot longer than the previous rocks.

  4. Dave C

    Easy to find what I wanted and pay. Purchase delivered within 2 days. Will definitely use the website again in future.

  5. Samwilson

    They work a treat in my Chiminea. Very pleased and great customer service and fast next day delivery.

  6. Jaz

    I use this lava rock on my garden to keep the slugs off my plants. I put a 6″ Diameter ring of lava around each plant. Bingo no slugs and it lasts FOREVER

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