Granite pizza and bread baking stone – 14″ / 36cm

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The pizza stone is a must-have for anyone who is fanatic about eating and cooking pizza. Our pizza stone has many exciting features such as the famous Black Rock Grill heat absorbing granite. This will ensure your pizza achieves the perfect rise and the crispest base. The granite distributes heat evenly so your whole pizza is cooked to perfection.

It is not just pizza that can be cooked on the stone, you can use it for cakes and flatbread. You can also use it as a chopping board or baking stone for bread.

  • 14in / 36cm stone
  • 7kg
  • Chrome rest – perfect for safe handling from the oven to the table.
  • The stone is easy to wash and is easy to store

The pizza stone is perfect for all occasions!

You can serve food on the pizza stone at the table, making a great centrepiece for the table. It is perfect for your movie night, pizza night or even for a dinner party.

We have selected all components for both their ease of use and durability so that you have the perfect product. The chrome cooling rest is just wiped clean and you can easily clean the stone by hand.

You will love using the pizza stone over and over again, so if you have any friends or family members who love pizza – make sure they know about this!

Perfect homemade pizza

Go the extra mile and bake your own homemade pizza with our easy to follow recipe. Your friends and family will love it, of course, if you aren’t up to cooking pizza you can always try homemade bread first.

To be Used ONLY in the oven. It is NOT suitable for use on the gas or electric hob for cooking. Full instructions are provided with the product.

Still not sure? Check out the reviews! If you have any questions about the pizza stone then contact our team: [email protected]





5 reviews for Granite pizza and bread baking stone – 14″ / 36cm

  1. Tim

    Bingo I Just found the best ever baking stone. I have tried so many baking stones in the past and this block of granite is the best thing ever. It cooks the pizza to perfection. Worth every penny, you instantly feel the quality when you get it home and unwrap it.

  2. Mimi

    The rock is so substantial smooth and very tactile. It is a delight to handle it bakes better than I ever expected. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Get One!

  3. NinT

    Arrived real quick. Bakes real good keeps hot for ages so pizza stays hot for ages.

  4. Sandra

    Delighted with it.

  5. Sandra M

    Baking stone purchased as a gift, came in a lovely box so made a very nice present.

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