Two Pack Wooden Steak Board Serving Plates Reversible Pub Platter Plank

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The wooden steak serving board is the perfect addition to any dining table, whether you are serving steak or any food. Our boards not only add to the dining experience but they are built to last. The wooden boards are sourced from sustainable bamboo farms. We choose bamboo because we know it will last for years and it is easy to clean.

The serving board is perfect for serving food to your guests at a dinner party. In addition, they are great for eating on as it creates a unique dining experience for you and your guests. Also, the boards are perfect for using outside, so why not use them at your next Summer BBQ?

The board has a draining ridge on all sides of the board to collect running juices so you don’t need to worry about mess being caused when cutting meat on the board. Also, because of the boards dimensions, you will find that it doesn’t take up to much room on the table but it is big enough to hold big pieces of meat.

Cleaning your board

Make sure you should wipe the board clean with hot water to remove any surface residue. Please note, the bamboo, (which is actually a grass) as with all woods, should not be submerged in water and you should dry it immediately after cleaning.

Our bamboo products are sourced from sustainable bamboo farms.

Dimensions of the board

Size: L30cm x W20cm x D2cm/ L12″ x W8″ x D0.78″

Weight: 700g each

Quantity: Pack of TWO

So whether you are having a dinner party or just want something a bit different for family dinners, the steak serving boards are ideal. Of course, you can use them for more than just steak, they can be used to serve fruits, vegetables and even starters. If you are a steak connoisseur then check out our steak knives and steak forks.


3 reviews for Two Pack Wooden Steak Board Serving Plates Reversible Pub Platter Plank

  1. Munn.S

    Not Just A Steak Board. Ordered these the same time I got the deli board. Really nicely made and will use them for cheese, fruit, pate, starters and a whole lot more.

  2. TCFMurg

    Next Day Delivery! Happy Custome. Excellent product and service. We had two at first, then bought two more, as we were so pleased with them: no higher praise!

  3. Sandytare

    Great Serving Board. The wooden board is great for serving my steaks when I have people round. Looks lovely. Very durable.

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