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It is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while cooking & eating a steak on a Black Rock Grill…

This Black Rock Grill Steak Stone Plate Set cooks your steak to perfection every time. Simply heat in the oven and add the food. 

How to use the Steak on the Stone set:

  • Heat the stone
    • On the gas/electric stove or hob
    • Under the grill
    • In the oven (oven must heat to minimum 280-350°C / 550-660°F)
    • On the BBQ
  • And Prep the platter (while the rock is warming)
    • Put the stainless steel underplate on your wood or porcelain platter
    • Prepare your sauces, prep your fries, and salad
    • When the rock is up to the required temperature transfer to the platter using 500°C heat resistant gloves (available to buy from this store)
    • Sprinkle with a little sea salt flakes (the hot rock is ready when the salt crackles )
    • Put the steak on the black rock & sear for 30 seconds then flip the steak, garnish and serve.

What is included:

  • Porcelain Plate with side (34.5cm x 22cm x 4.5cm)
  • Cooking Stone (16cm x 16cm x 3.2cm)
  • Stainless Steel Under Plate

Weight 5kg

You will love using the Steak on the Stone set, if you have any questions our team will be more than happy to help.

3 reviews for Steak Stone plate set with side

  1. Sue Law

    Happy Customer- Salmon was lovely!
    I have only used the stone plate once ( so far ) and was very pleased. Cooking was as expected, salmon was extremely tender and flavoursome and it cleaned very well. I am happy with my choice.

  2. Diane Tew

    I bought a set of 4 stones after having a meal in Poland cooked on stones. The items arrived very quickly (I bought them from Amazon) and were put to use immediately. I like them because no-one can complain about how their steak is cooked as they cook it themselves. The stones hold the heat really well and are very easy to use. After 4 uses, one of the stones cracked. I contacted the company who replied to my email very quickly, asking for photos of the stone in question, which I duly sent. I then had an email asking me to continue using this stone, but to provide an address for a replacement stone to be sent. The replacement arrived within 24 hours of the company getting my email with my address. A huge thank you to Louise who dealt with this matter so promptly and courteously. Would definitely recommend this company and these stones to others looking for a similar item.

  3. Rob Allen

    You can instantly feel the quality, well made and cooks great steak.

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