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Serve your cold drinks on the rocks – literally – with our granite whisky stones. The whisky stones are the perfect alternative to ice, which will melt and dilute the drink. You can use them in any cold drink whether it is alcoholic or not. Simply put them in the freezer until they are ready to use. We recommend freezing them for at least four hours before you need to use them. You can also use them in mulled wine, you just need to heat them in the oven, then once finished with, simply wash them off and put them back in the freezer for next time.

Why use whisky stones instead of ice?

  • The stones will chill your drink by between 3oC to 5oC.
  • Freeze them – they are ideal for Whisky, Baileys, Spirit Mixers, Soft Drinks
  • Heat them – Ideal for Mulled Wine (heat in the oven).
  • Each pack contains nine whiskey stones.
  • Perfect for dinner parties
  • Free up space in your freezer – no need for big bags of ice
  • The stones are reusable

Don’t let ice ruin your drink, whisky stones will keep your drink cool without diluting the taste. Try it yourself and you will wonder how you got by without them! Of course,

Whisky stones make the perfect gift!

If you know someone who likes a whisky then this is the perfect gift for them. They will love the taste of the whisky without the melted ice. We recommend using at least three cubes per drink, though it is all down to personal preference.

Other information

  • Do not swallow or chew the stones.
  • Due to hygiene reasons surrounding the nature of this product, we will not be able to accept any refunds if the product has been used.
  • The VAT is included in the price.
  • Drink Responsibly.
  • Freeze for 4 hours before use

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3 reviews for 9 Whisky stones

  1. L Scott

    Unique, different and work really well. Great conversation point when i have visitors too.

  2. ScottyF

    Fast Delivery and great little product. Ideal Pressie!

  3. Vicki

    Fantastic little gift.

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