What happened when the Sonesta Hotel Group added Black Rock Grill to the menu?

Black Rock Grill customer

Black Rock Grill’s Steak Stone dining concept is now available at the Sonesta Hotel Group – St Maarten Resorts.

The magnificent Maho Beach Resort and Casino operated by Sonesta Hotels introduced Black Rock Grill’s Steak On The Stone Concept to The Palm’s Grill that overlooks the famous Maho Bay. This area is famous for the golden sandy beach and the low flying passenger aircraft.

 Sizzling Steak On The Stone

Both the Maho Beach Resort located on Maho Bay and the Great Bay Resort Hotel wanted a food solution that worked for their guests and the resort

Black Rock Grill’s company trainer Peter Hatter spent a week in Sonesta’s Two St Maarten hotels to train the staff. While Peter was at the hotel, he sent some time introducing the lava steak stone concept to the hotel’s staff and customers. The Steak on the stone restaurant concept by Black Rock Grill is a first for the island and is proving a winning formula with the Resort guests, staff and Sonesta group.

“It is so simple a concept and one that brings a WOW factor and an exciting meal experience for our guests.” says Corporate Chef Mark.

Professional training & equipment

The Sonesta Hotel Group choose Black Rock Grill because of our 12 years supplying to the top chains, independent hotels and restaurants around the world.

Peter Hatter Founder & Managing Director of Black Rock Grill explains “we set out to develop a dining concept that was safe, we selected only the finest material and designs for our porcelain and bamboo ware and we have the finest Black Rock Grill ovens that are built in Great Britain to exacting standards. There are plenty of inferior brands peddling steak stone equipment that is unsafe, untested and non-compliant to food hygiene” standards explained Peter

“We are certainly not the cheapest which is why our equipment outlives, outperforms and over delivers when comparing with similar suppliers.”

Our Commitment to Safe Staff Practices

Being the first on St Maarten meant the staff in both resorts required professional training. Peter spent 3 days at the Maho Beach and Great Bay hotels. The training involved some classroom sessions so staff get a better understanding of the Black Rock Grill technology.

The staff found Black Rock Grill simple to operate and immediately saw the benefits that it would deliver. F & B Manager Lindon Lovell said: “the concept would ease the pressure of service during our busy season when we have over 1500 guests at both Ocean Point Hotel and Maho Beach. With the training kit supplied by Black Rock Grill, I can have my staff fully trained and BRG Aware and switch them between restaurants to help with flow and demand”

Great Bay Beach Resort & Great Black Rock Grill Waterfront Restaurant

The Waterfront Restaurant at The Great Bay Beach Hotel is a delightful location. The sparkling crystal clear Caribbean Sea laps over the sea wall gently spraying a fine cool mist over the resort guests.

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