The ROXY12 set up has changed the outlook of many small eateries across the world in terms of ease of use, profits and increased happy customers.

The ROXY12 is our smallest oven for hot rock cooking, it can heat 12 rocks at once so it is perfect for small pubs and restaurants. The oven is easy to install and operate, all you need to do is plug it in and turn up the thermostats to 824˚F / 440˚C.

The exterior of the oven is air cooled and will sit comfortably on all types of work surface and the oven does not require a hood or extractor fan when it is in operation so you will not need to change anything in the kitchen to accommodate this set-up. The rocks will be ready to serve in 90 minutes so you can start serving as soon as the oven is installed.

There is no limit on the number of times a rock can be heated in one day so your customers will never have to wait too long to get their order.

This set-up is perfect for small restaurants, bistros, bars, pop up restaurants & home use too.

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Perfect for small restaurants, bistros and bars

Holds 12 rocks

The ROXY12 holds and heats 12 rocks at once, you can rotate the rocks so that there will always be hot rocks ready to go to your customer, family or friends.

Sits on a countertop

The oven does not require an exhaust or hood when in operation. The oven is air cooled which means it can sit on a backbench, countertop or worktop.

Get started straight away

The oven takes 90 minutes to heat the rocks so your customers won't have to wait long to get their food.

Easy installation

Wired to suit all countries electrical requirements, the instructions have a comprehensive wiring diagram. Basically, all you need to do is plug in the oven and turn it on to the maximum temperature so there is no need for an electrician.

Small oven for hot rock cooking by Black Rock Grill

Compact and reliable

Our smallest oven for hot rock cooking

We wanted to create something affordable that could be used in smaller bistros, pubs, and restaurants with only a few tables or even at home with friends and family. This led to the ROXY12 being designed and developed by our in-house team. The oven is small enough to sit on a countertop or in a corner and it does not need an exhaust or hood when it is on. You can also use it as a regular oven, simply swap the steel rock shelf for the spare brick shelf that comes with the oven and you can use it for stone baked pizza, roasting, broiling, warming and browning.

Twin thermostats and manual controls

Black Rock Grill's ovens are the hottest on the market. The ROXY12 has twin thermostats that ensure the rocks are hot and sizzling in just 90 minutes. The oven can stay on all day and once the rocks have been used, you can rinse them in water and load them back into the oven to burn clean and reheat ready for the next sitting. You get more turns on your rocks with a 440°C/824°F rock oven.

Black Rock Grill hot rock oven - ROXY12

Minimal setup

Once your oven arrives all you need to do is check your electrics, read the manual, schedule the staff training. Once this is done, load up the oven, switch it on and in 90 minutes you'll be ready. Our steak on the stone set-ups come with everything you need to get operational straight away.

Includes 12 rocks

The ROXY12 comes with 12 rocks and 12 platters and all the accessories you need. All the surfaces of our rocks have been honed and the edges bevelled by hand so you can use both sides of our rocks. The hot rocks are a natural stone and have been tested and certified to be food safe, unlike cheaper alternatives which might not be safety verified.

Porcelain and wooden platter for steak on the stone set

A range of platters

Customers eat with their eyes, which is why we offer you a large choice of bamboo or porcelain ware platters to make your stone grill meals look amazing. You can choose all one style or mix and match bamboo and porcelain to suit your style. Some of the platters include side plates and dishes so you can offer salads or chips with the meal.

Black Rock Grill cooking concept

Marketing materials

When you buy a Black Rock Grill set up you’ll also get our marketing toolkit which includes professional images, our logo and a press pack for your launch. We also provide table talkers, meal flag and disposable bibs as well as ongoing support from our in-house Digital Marketing team.

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