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Black Rock Grill Provides Market Leading Stone Grill Solutions

Black Rock Grill is a powerful stone cooking dining concept that will drive more customers to your restaurant, increase the average spend, and reduce kitchen costs — all while providing a unique customer experience that will have customers coming back for more!  This product can work with your current menu, making this an easy transition for your restaurant, ship, or resort.  Bottom line, stone grill cooking with Black Rock Grill can increase your profits with a minimal investment.

Black Rock Grill the Cooking on Stone Market Leader

Black Rock Grill is the stone grill industry market leader and provides the complete cooking on stone solution for both the commercial and domestic market. We supply all types of restaurants, leisure parks, cruise lines, golf clubs and many more. Our system is designed to work in high use organisations and it has been thoroughly tested to meet recommended health and safety criteria.
Külli Joakit, Tallink Cruiselines Food Service Manager

“We have had some terrific feedback from our passengers, they love the theatre and flavour of Black Rock Grill.”

Mr. Rudi Scholdis, Silverseas Cruiselines Culinary Director

“Black Rock Grill has proved such a big hit, our guests think it is amazing. Such praise means that we are looking to roll out the Hot Rock Grill concept across the entire fleet by 2011.”

Phillip Mackett, Pub Owner

“It is vital to be one step ahead of the competition and no one else in the area is offering the Black Rock Grill, so it’s a great point of difference for us. In today’s climate, where people aren’t spending as much money, it’s a great way to get customers through the door.”

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