Black Rock Grill BRSeries Setup

The BRSeries is the oven for restaurants with big plans and ambitions. We guarantee you will love this rock solid investment.

The BRSeries rock oven has a massive 108 rock capacity. Each oven is hand built in the UK and it comes with a 5-year warranty. The BRSeries is the most economical rock oven in the world because the 3Kw oven has 3” / 7.6cm of high-grade insulating fibre which allows the hot rocks to create a thermal rock bed storage system.

The oven has electronic control thermostats to regulate the oven which ensures your rocks are ready for service and they can be reheated in minutes.

The BRSeries is supplied with a wheeled stand and the castors make it easy to move the oven for cleaning. The BRSeries oven is a sealed unit oven and requires no exhaust system, so there is no need to change anything in the kitchen.

This is the preferred option for our many cruise line customers who are looking for a hot rock oven that is hardworking, durable and above all a reliable investment. As well as theme parks you will also find the BRSeries in many large restaurants, hotels and resorts and theme parks restaurants.

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Perfect for larger restaurants and cruise liners

Large capacity rock oven

The BRSeries rock oven is available with 60 to 108 rocks which is used by large restaurants, steakhouses, and cruise liners. The oven is hand built from the finest materials to ensure that it is long lasting and reliable. You can expect at least a decade of trouble free service from this hotrock oven.

Trusted by cruise liners and larger restaurants

Restaurants and cruise lines around the world trust Black Rock Grill because the ovens are reliable and they know that our customers are our number 1 priority. We understand that there are certain health and safety requirements that must be met when putting ovens on a cruise ship which is why we developed an oven very similar to the BRSeries but with the extra safety features.

Health and safety tested

We have tested every aspect of the BRSeries to ensure it is safe for your customers and staff. When you order a BRSeries package, the set-up includes staff training video & training manual as well as operating instructions with risk assessments to ensure you are compliant with local health requirements.

Keeps your restaurant running smoothly

Once the rocks have been used they can to be rinsed and reheated straight away. Our rock ovens clean the rocks during the reheat process so they are clean, sterile and ready for your next customers.

Built for industry

Built with larger restaurants in mind

BRSeries - 108 hot rock oven

Holds and heats 108 rocks

The BRSeries oven is the largest of the Black Rock Grill ovens. The oven is designed for busy restaurants and banqueting who have a lot of tables to turn. The oven heats the rocks to 824˚F / 440˚C. When used rocks are returned to the oven they are burnt clean in the high temperature, the rocks are reheated in 45 mins and will be clean, 100% sterile ready for re-use.

Built from the finest materials

Our BRSeries ovens are hand built using the finest materials to ensure that they are reliable and long lasting so your restaurant service never grinds to a halt unexpectedly. The oven has the highest grade high-temperature insulation fiber to ensure that your kitchen staff are safe and reduce the risk of burns or other harm.

Oven for steak on the stone concept
Rocks in a hot rock oven

Easy to use

Our comprehensive training video & manual are included as part of the BRSeries package, your staff will be able to watch the video about using the oven and handling the hot rocks. Your staff will soon be fully conversant on the stone grill process and be able to help & guide your customers on how to use the Black Rock Grills.

Rock pick for hot rock oven

Health and safety

We understand the risks when handling hot rocks which is why we include two rock picks with the BRSeries package. One for getting the rocks in and out of the oven and once for getting them off the platter. Your instruction manual includes health and safety guidelines and risk assessments to ensure you are compliant with the local health department requirements.

Marketing materials for Black Rock Grill concept

Marketing materials and use of the Black Rock Grill logo

When you buy a Black Rock Grill set up you’ll also get our marketing tool kit which includes, professional images & logo to help with your marketing, website and press pack launch as well as table talkers for the tables & meal flag and disposable bibs and ongoing support from our in-house Digital Marketing team.. When you buy from Black Rock Grill you get the complete package

Black Rock Grill for golf clubs

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Watch some of the video testimonials on this website and you will get a better idea of what our customer think about Black Rock Grill. The BRSeries rock oven will keep your restaurant running smoothly and delivery year after year of profitable service and satisfaction.

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