The concept of eating food on a rock goes back centuries and now it is starting to make a comeback and people are loving it! But what are the benefits of hot rock cooking and how is the restaurant industry using this concept to bring in customers?

What is hot rock cooking?

The principle of hot rock cooking is a very simple one, the rock is heated in an oven and presented to the diner on a platter. The food is added and the diner can cook their food to their preference which is great for steak as everyone has individual preference on how it should be cooked.

What food can be cooked on a steak stone?

Stones for hot rock cooking are used for cooking steak, fish, chicken, vegetables and other delicious meals. The rocks are extremely similar to the stones and rocks used in the ancient technique of hot rock cooking, which is the oldest known cooking technique.

What are the benefits to cooking on a hot rock?

There are many benefits to cooking on a steak stone, for example, it is a healthier way of cooking because it does not use fats or oils – so it is ideal for anyone on the Paleo or Keto diets. If you are looking for a keto diet tracking app then check out the keto diet tracking app reviews from Ketogenic Supplement Reviews.

Food cooked on a steak stone tastes much better than other cooking methods because it doesn’t lose the natural juices, unlike frying or grilling.  Once someone has tasted food cooked on a Black Rock Grill they won’t want to cook any other way.

Steak stones are heated to a high temperature (usually in excess of 400°C). The composition of the steak on the stone cooking means that it is able to retain a constant temperature and therefore cook meat and fish to a very high standard.

Unlike more advanced cooking methods, steak stones will not burn food and will ensure that the food is cooked evenly throughout, reducing the risk of food poisoning caused by undercooked parts of food. As well as all of this, cooking with steak stones requires absolutely no fat or oil, which makes it a far healthier alternative than practically every other cooking method available.

Food can be cooked, served and eaten on steak stones. Due to the fact that they retain heat very well, it means that the steak stone will remain hot for approximately 20 to 40 minutes after being removed from the oven. This also reduces the possibility of food going cold once it has been removed from the oven, which makes it an ideal method of cooking for busy restaurants.

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