The ROXYSeries set up is our biggest seller and the go-to option for established restaurants who want to add a steak on the stone option to their menu.

The ROXYSeries rock oven is the most versatile option in the market. It has twin decks that hold up to 54 rocks and both decks work independently. This means on quiet days you can save energy by using one deck at a time. Once the oven is turned on it will have the rocks ready to serve 90 minutes so no customers are waiting too long for their food. This not only increases customer satisfaction but it will also increase your table turns, because the oven is powerful and gets a high temperature, you can expect to turn the rocks 3 turns per session.

The top deck can be used as a conventional oven, and we have included a steel shelf so you can stack the rocks and a brick shelf should you wish to use the top deck for baking pizza, roasting, broiling, browning or tapas.

Many of our customers order the ROXYSeries 24 rock steak stone set up and add a further 30 rocks and platters at a later date to keep up with customer demand.

The oven does not require a hood or extraction when it is in operation so you will not need to change anything in the kitchen to accommodate this set-up.

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Built for industry

Four beautifully crafted systems for professionals

Large Capacity

The ROXYSeries hold 54 rocks at once. many seats you have and the number of table turns and well do the rest.

Suitable for multiple table turns

Used rocks are burnt clean in the intense heat of the rock oven. The ROXYSeries oven will have them ready and 100% sterile in 45 mins for reuse. Once the rocks have been used they can be reheated in the oven and used over and over again throughout the day.

Multiple uses for smaller venues

We found a lot of operators were looking for a multi-use rock oven. Pubs, in particular, love the option of 24 rocks on the bottom rock deck and they use the top deck as a pizza oven or as a regular oven.

Built to last

The ROXYSeries rock oven has a proven history of dependability and endurance in busy kitchens.


Why the ROXYSeries is the system of choice for professionals

ROXYSeries oven for hot rock dining

Can Heat all 54 rocks at once

Ideal for medium size restaurants, pubs and bistros

The immense 6KW power of the oven will get the rocks blistering hot in 90 min from switch on and reheat and burns clean the returned rocks in 45 mins ready for reuse. At 440° / 824°F you will burn clean and turn more rocks with Black Rock Grill rock ovens than any other supplier and that's Guaranteed. The correct rock oven is the secret to this concept. That's why we have so many more successful restaurants using Black Rock Grill.

Multiple uses

Use the top oven to expand your menu

If you are planning to serve more than just a stone grill black rock grill menu at your restaurant then the ROXYSeries is the ideal oven for you. The top deck can be used to heat more rocks or you can use it to cook a range of food including pizza. Swap the rock shelf for the brick stone shelf and you'll be baking pizza, baking potatoes and flatbreads, roasting, broiling and grilling. You won't be disappointed in this investment.

Marketing materials provided

We provide you with everything you need to promote your new dining experience including meal flags, posts and table talkers. Our digital marketing team are also on hand to help promote your business on social media. Simply send us your photos and we will spread the word.

Rock pick for hot rock oven

Health & safety tested

We have tested every aspect of the ROXYSeries to ensure it is safe for your customers and staff. When you order a ROXYSeries package you will be given a staff training video & training manual as well as operating instructions with risk assessments to ensure you are compliant with local health requirements.

Comes with 54 rocks

The ROXYSeries setup starts with 24 to 54 rock sets. Our rocks are granite and are a natural product. Granite has awesome heat retention qualities which allow you to turn more rocks during busy times. The system comes with instructions for handling and cleaning the rocks to ensure everyone stays safe.

Porcelain and wooden platter for steak on the stone set

Different platters to choose from

We have a range of Bamboo or porcelain platters to choose from. The platters come in different shapes and some of the platters come with side dishes to allow diners to add sides. Every platter comes with a stainless steel underplate to protect the platter from the heat of the hot rock.

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