Biscotto Clay Stone - Baking Pizza Stone

Biscotto Clay Stone - Baking Pizza Stone

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Biscotto Clay Stone- Baking Pizza Stone

The beautiful Effeuno biscotto clay stone is specially designed for oven model P134H but can also be used in other pizza ovens if the size is right. It is handmade in Italy. The developers' goal was to create the perfect baking base at the very high temperatures required for a Neapolitan pizza (450C), guaranteeing absolute non-toxicity and health safety, as well as very low weight and relatively low cost. 

Because of its size and thickness we advise you use it in a heat temperature of 400c+. Its not suitable for domestic ovens.

Size: 40 x 34.5 x 3.1cm approx

Weight: 3.5kg

Baking Stone Benefits:

-Even Heat distribution

-Absorbs additional moisture for a crispier bake

-Helps to improve the rise

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