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Roxy combi oven for hot rock cooking for homes and restaurants


The Roxy Series oven is the ideal solution for someone who is looking to expand the capacity of their hot rock oven. The oven is supplied with 24 Rock and Porcelain sets.

The versatile Roxy Series twin deck oven will hold 27 rocks on each deck. (holds 54 superheated rocks).

To expand your Black Rock Grill service simply slot into the top deck, the specially designed stainless steel rock shelf to increase your rock capacity to 54. Or simply use the top deck for baking, browning or tapas and the bottom deck will hold your rocks at the optimum temperature. Simple to operate, both decks heat up to 824˚F / 440˚C to ensure your rocks, tapas & pizza are sizzling hot for your customers to enjoy.

The Roxy series delivers added value for short and long term steak sales growth at your restaurant business.

24 to 54 Rock Set-Up from $3,250 to $7,500

  • Steak House Group, Saudi ArabiaOur winning the Best midmarket restaurant group in the Saudi Arabian Tourism Awards 2011 had a lot to do with Black Rock Grill. Our customers really appreciate the uniqueness, flavours and theatre of Black Rock and that compliments what we offer at our restaurants.
  • Rudi Scholdis, Culinary Director, Silverseas Cruise Lines, USABRG brings theatre and fun to the restaurant. The interactive method of cooking provides a casual al fresco alternative for our guests to kick back and enjoy the ambience of eating on deck under the stars. It has proved such a big hit, our guests think it’s ‘amazing’. Such praise means that we are looking to roll out the Black Rock Grill concept across the entire fleet.
  • Mark, Head Chef, LegoLand UKCustomer service from Black Rock Grill has been 5*. Huge amount of support from Louise. Feedback from customers has been really positive with in terms of the theatre behind it when it arrives at the table and there loving the idea and the novelty behind it, from a chef point of view we love it also as any table with a black rock on in so much easier as its one less thing to do especially on a busy night, as the steak cook at the table instead of in the kitchen.
  • Kirstie Hood, Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, NorfolkPerfect! A unique dining experience that has captivated our resident guests as well as the local customers wishing to try something new, exciting and a little bit different.
  • Jonathan Watson, Mermaid Tavern, Herm IslandSince introducing Black Rock Grill we've boosted covers by 80 each day and in the first year doubled our profits.

Give your customers a dining experience to remember whilst increasing your table turnover