Till Brennpaste Fondue Fuel Gel 3 x80g

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If you have brought our Sharing Stone Grill set then you will need these fondue gels to go in the burners. The gels will also work in fondue set burners.

Each Pack of Till Brennpaste contains three 80g pots. We prefer this brand because the paste is environmentally friendly and there is no smoke and no smell. They will also not set off smoke alarms.

Till Brennpaste fondue gel lasts longer than other gels and each 80g pack will give you a 45 min – 60 min burn time, which is perfect for the sharing stone set – you will run out of meat before you run out of heat! The gels are easy to use and are much safer than liquid alcohol which can spill and is highly flammable, whereas the fondue gels do not need pouring, you simply take the lid off and put into your burner.

Fondue gel packs should be used in the Stainless steel Burner supplied by Black Rock Grill. 

How to use the fondue gels:

  • Place your Till Brennpaste pot into your Stainless Steel Burner
  • Pull off the foil lid and position the burner under your fondue/stone grill set, then you can light with a match.
  • Twist the burner lid back on and open the air vents.
  • Position the burner under your stone grill set/fondue and light it.

Always assess all risks when handling hot or burning items to avoid burns and scalds to yourself and others.

So there you have it. The fondue gels are safe and easy to use. They work well in our sharing set and fondue sets.

If you have any questions about the gel or using the burner then get in touch with our team today.

3 reviews for Till Brennpaste Fondue Fuel Gel 3 x80g

  1. Timmyc

    Super hot and keeps the stone grill sizzling, we used it for 40 mins and it was still burning.

  2. Safwt

    Guarenteed best product ive found on the market:
    I always purchase my fondue refill gels from here. Black Rock Grill offer fast delivery, great customer service and all at a great price. The product is fab and burns for ages!

  3. Sasha

    Burns for a long period, nice a hot! use for my sharing stone grill set and my chocolate fondue set

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