Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 500°C / 932°F

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Be the king of the kitchen with our Heat & temperature resistant gloves. The silicone gloves will protect your hands up to 500C / 932°F and give you a good grip on the object. In fact, this makes these gloves safer than most standard oven mitts.

We always recommend these gloves for handling the hot rocks on our steak on the stone sets and baking stones. The gloves are comfortable and allow your fingers to move freely, unlike the standard oven mitts available on the market. We have tested the gloves to ensure they are safe for use for the home and restaurants.

However, the gloves can also be used to handle other hot objects (see below).

The gloves are made from a soft and flexible material so that it gives you all the control and protection you need to safely handle our stones.

Our oven gloves can withstand up to 500c degrees centigrade, whereas standard oven gloves are typically only suitable up to 240c, which is why we strongly recommend our own gloves which are tested to be safe for handling items up to 500C / 930F dry heat. Because of the good grip, they are also ideal for handling some heavy objects.

What else can the Heat & temperature resistant gloves be used for?

  • Baking
  • Wood burning ovens
  • Handling sharp objects
  • Handling metal objects and concrete
  • BBQ
  • Fire pits
  • Handling our lava rocks
  • Carrying hot baking stones
  • Handling glass

What sizes are available?

The Heat & temperature resistant gloves come in two sizes:

Medium – 28cm length
Large – 30cm length

We are sure you will love the Heat & temperature resistant gloves, but if you have any queries then please get in touch with our team.

Please note that the gloves are heat resistant, not heat proof. Accordingly, exercise caution before handling hot or sharp objects. If you have any questions please contact our team.

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10 reviews for Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 500°C / 932°F

  1. Peter G

    Very good heat resistance.

  2. Theodore-B

    Think these are great, no worries about taking the stone out of the oven with these on. 5* product

  3. Ryan-P

    Best oven gloves I have ever used. Good for the BBQ too. You can grab anything easily without any problems example I moved a load of breeze blocks with sharp edges with them no worries

  4. Mr J

    These are double sided and handle high heat extremely well. We use them to pick up the Korean lava bowls also sold by this company (which are also excellent). I highly recommend these products.

  5. BBQkingtam90

    Ultimate BBQ Gloves. Great Quality and the grip is fantastic!

  6. J Sandra

    Perfect gloves for handling hot items! Purchased these with my Sharing Stone Grill Set to remove the hot rock from the oven but i also use them on a daily basis for my stainless steel pots! Great Quality and got them next day!

  7. Tamtam11

    Nice gloves that do the job really well. Just felt a slight warmth as i handle my rock.
    Highly recommend these as I can see lots of uses for them.

  8. Jane Morgan

    I needed lava rocks for my bbq and saw the 500c gloves.
    Both products arrived next day and are both good products and i am very happy. But i must say the quality and performance of the gloves is really really good. Our guests were taking turns to try the gloves out over the hot charcoal and they were a much talked about item at the BBQ. Kids think they look cool too, which is nice.

  9. Chris p

    I cook in a pizza oven (500°) and these baby’s work great. They are amazing! Haven’t had them out for a month or so, but I seem to remember they aren’t left and right gloves, so it doesn’t matter which hand you put them on. If you get them wet, the temp tracks through but you feel it coming!?

  10. Vicki

    I bought 2 sets of these intending them to be to use with the stones but they are so easy to grip with that they are now the standard oven glove to go for! I imagine these will also be great to use at BBQ time.
    These were delivered the day after I placed the order which was also fantastic.

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