5 Reasons Why You Need To Improve Your Food Service Presentation

Impress your Guests with Stunning Wood Ware

charcuterie board

Multi Use Charcuterie and Deli Board

It is a very competative business and only the best food service establishments survive.
Food presentation is so so important “We eat with our Eyes” were told. I think we all agree the better the food is presented the happier we are the tastier it is.Black Rock Grill has introduced two new Bamboo Wooden Table service boards and the wooden burger or meal box.

Steak Board Simple and Stylish Meal Service

Steak Board Simple and Stylish Meal Service

The Wooden Charcuterie Board, Wooden Steak Board and Wooden Meal Box are stylish, practicle & hardwearing

Made from the world hardest wood bamboo these stunning additions to your food service are going to impress.

Multi use Wooden Burger Meal Entree Box

Multi use Wooden Burger Meal Entree Box

Bring some stylish wooden table ware to your food service

It hard to believe that more operators are not useing the stunning wood designs to win over their customers, the boards are so easily adapetd to all styles and kind of meals.

Steaks & Burger meals are hot favorites and Deli, Vegetairan and Cheese Ploughmans lunches are top in the cold meal category.

Our bamboo boards are splash proof, easily wiped clean with a sanitiser ready for storeage until the next use.


At £10.00 per board the boards will give you plenty of use and moreimportantly impress you diners and keep them coming back.

Click to Buy Now from our online store https://black-rock-grill.myshopify.com/collections/home-products/products/steak-board-serving-service-board




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